orange county relationship counselingThe International Association for Relationship Research (IARR) is a scientific and professional organization including hundreds of scholars and practitioners focused on stimulating and supporting the scientific study of personal and social relationships. Members of IARR come from around the globe and various disciplines. The majority of members are affiliated with academic institutions (i.e., faculty and students), however many work in industry and/or private practice. The membership draws on those with interest or backgrounds in psychology, communication, sociology, family studies, anthropology, philosophy, and other related disciplines. IARR’s meeting takes place once every other year, with a rotation of the hosting country between North America, and the rest of the world.

2012 Chicago Conference Committees

The 2012 IARR Conference would not be possible without the generous contribution of time and energy given by the following committee members and volunteers. We offer a special note of thanks to all those who so willingly stepped forward to serve!


Local Planning Organizers: Program Organizers:
Leah Bryant Sandra Metts
Susan Sprecher Lesley Verhofstadt
Ralph Erber
Local Arrangements Program Committee
Committee Members: Members:
Stan Treger, Student Representative Leah Bryant
Sean Horan, Book Display Ashley Duggan
Maureen Erber Catrin Finkenauer
Eli Finkel Sandra Petronio
Omri Gillath Eshkol Rafaeli
Leanne Knobloch
Emily Langan
Sandra Metts
Sandra Petronio
Michael Roloff
Registration: Summer Brown
Book Display: Sean Horan
Website: Katherine Fisher
Conference Submission Reviewers:
Denise Bartell Catrin Finkenauer Jessica Moore
Susan Boon Marci Gleason Terri Orbuch
Guy Bosmans Masumi Iida Sandra Petronio
Nancy (Eckstein) Brule Kostas Kafetsios Monique Pollmann
Leah Bryant Johan Karremans Karen Prager
Ann Buysse Pamela Lannutti Eshkol Rafaeli
Duncan Cramer Jimmie Manning Uzma Rehman
Ashley Duggan Katherine McGuire Lesley Verhofstadt